Sharing Our Passion

About Us

Hey y’all! We’re a family-owned brewery dedicated to craft, creation, and inclusivity – a brewery for everyone. A place where craft beer is approachable, adventurous, and all people can gather.

If you didn’t already guess, “Slackers” is about giving hard-working people like yourself some needed slack-off time (though we won’t be mad if you crack the laptop open…hopefully over a coffee or beer!).

As parents, we love going places that the whole family can enjoy (really enjoy!). We also love when diverse groups of people can come together and connect. That’s why we’re bringing a comfortable community space to Anderson Mill in Austin.

We celebrate craft of every kind — musicians, artists and other makers are welcome to share their work within our walls.

We’re also fully committed to the safety of our guests and employees. We are a proud WeVow member and expect the highest level of mutual respect from our employees and our guests.

We welcome you on this adventure with us — and hope to see ya soon at Slackers.

— Derek and Haley


Over the Years



The Idea Sparks

The idea of a bar called Slackers that has live music and brings the community together is born. The work hard play hard mentality is at the forefront.



Started Homebrewing

Derek began home-brewing and fell in love with every aspect of the process. Being able to share his craft inspired him even more.



Made Slackers a Real Brand

The LLC is created and the dream has involved into a family family gathering place with craft beer, coffee, food, live music, and a place to bring people together.



Opened our Brewpub!

After years of design, permitting, and getting through the build-out, Slackers Brewing Co. opens it’s doors!