Our Current Selection Of

Craft Beer

Slackers Draft Beer

  1. Snooki – Hazy IPA
  2. Re-session IPA – Session IPA
  3. Stretchy Jörts – Kölsch
  4. Shorty Jörts – Summer Kölsch
  5. Beachcomber  – Belgian Blonde
  6. Wicked Tickle – Ghost Pepper Porter
  7. Pinkerton – Peach Kettle Sour
  8. Milkman – Nitro Milk Stout

Guest Beer

Our guest taps are rotating per week. Stop by to see what we have this week!

Canned Beer

  1. Hazy (Non Alcoholic) – Karbach Brewing
  2. Blue Northern
    • Agave Lime
    • Wild Blackberry

To Go Beer

Subject to availability

Note: Subject to change on a daily basis